Two things I love is 2 cups of coffee in bed with my family and if you add something to eat, I am in heaven. Easter is a very special time of the year for me, growing up, Easter was just as big an event on the calendar as Christmas. We were so exited about all the family that came to visit us and not to talk about the Easter lunch and Easter eggs. Every family got some tradition on Easter. Ours was waking up on Easter Sunday, go to Church at the Andrew Murray Congregation in Bloemfontein and afterwards we all went to my Granny’s house for hot cross buns.  While everybody enjoyed their tea under the big tree in her back yard, we went for our Easter egg hunt in her beautiful big garden.

The highlight for me was lunch and to see what Granny had prepared for us. With great excitement we all rushed to the dining room. The most beautiful table awaited us with a tablecloth, silver ware and the most beautiful napkins. Being from a Lebanese back ground we had kibbeh and dolmades with some “Boerekos”, everything was fresh and made with the utmost love.

My wish to all my readers is to have a wonderful time with your family and to build memories for the years to come. 

I have prepared some quick and easy breakfast recipes to enjoy with your loved ones.

Blessings to all of you.