I was so exited to experience the restaurant for my very first time. From the moment we arrived we felt welcome with friendliness and absolute service excellence.

With this virus going around they have strict regulations in place, they greet you with the most beautiful perfume bottle with a sprig of thyme in it….. as I cleanly forgot about the virus, I held out my wrist for a spray of perfume and she very politely told me no; it is hand sanitizer hahaha. So even the hand sanitizer was a few notches above the rest. We had a good laugh about my “blonde moment”.

The décor is clean and stylishly done. You really feel like royalty sitting at your table and then to top it off we enjoyed the 11-course Chef’s menu. From the first course we were blown away. It is not just fantastic food, but you get an experience with every course that just takes you to another “world”.

The one thing that stood out for us was that we were served by a whole team from the chef making the wagyu dripping for our sweet potato bread, to the Sommelier and our host.

The Sommelier were fantastic with a wide and carefully selected wines, her pairings was spot on with every course.

I took so many pictures of the food, but really it could not begin to describe what I experienced.