All about my Cooking Experiences

You’re Invited To My Interactive Cooking

What better way to experience life and culture than through soul food and good wine!
Located in the heart of the Cape Winelands in the comfort of my own home, I
embrace the simple idea that cuisine is to be shared – and I would love to share it
with you. Learn how to prepare easy, delicious food from my new cookbook
“Kosbaar”, with like-minded people who share a passion for food and cooking, as
well as a desire to learn new skills. Or simply come and meet new people and enjoy
delectable wines from well-known, local winemakers.
During each cooking demonstration I will show you how to prepare a variety of my
favourite dishes as per the selected workshop themes; making use of fresh, organic
produce from local farms and businesses. My aim is to introduce and uplift
businesses that I believe provide value and teach us about mindful living and eating.
If you’re interested in a lovely evening dining experience, you may want to consider
the Food & Wine Experience. Want to enjoy healthy, fresh food? Join us for the
Freshly Ground Experience or the Alfresco Experience. For those looking for an
experience with a focus on culture and creativity, take a look at the Middle Eastern
Experience or turn your attention to the Braai Entertaining Experience. Of course we
all love the holidays, so join us for the special Nostalgic Thanks Giving Experience.

Welcome Drink & Nibble
Cooking Demonstration
Lunch/ Dinner & Wine
R850 p.p
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I look forward to having you!

Middle Eastern Experience

I invite you to come join the Middle Eastern Cooking Experience and I will spoil you with great middle eastern food and inspiration. A special morning spent together while I demonstrate a couple of dishes from my new cookbook, Kosbaar. South African food with a Lebanese twist, the way I grew up. Some of the recipes I will demonstrate comes straight from my Lebanese Granny’s kitchen. It is tasty and easy food that you can make to treat your guests at the next dinner party or family lunch. We are going to talk about how to use herbs and spices and how to take your cooking to the next level.


Freshly Ground

I will show you how to make delicious healthy food for you and your family, I will give you tips on how to prep for a week in advance and to whip up quick and healthy dishes, breakfast options, lunchbox ideas, and delicious smoothies. I will demonstrate some of the recipes out of my cookbook, Kosbaar.

Food & Wine

We will have some fun pairing wines with the food. We will be doing a blind tasting just to add some more fun and opportunities to learn more about specific cultivars. It is for everybody from beginner to experienced wine lovers, you don’t have to know anything about wine to enjoy this evening. I am going to show you how to pair wine with specific foods so that you can host your own evening for your friends. We will be cooking out of Kosbaar!


When hosting al fresco, the key to a beautiful table setting is based in the colors of nature. Here’s our approach to al fresco entertaining with easy recipes and a few ideas of table settings.

Braai Entertaining

I can’t think of anything better than entertaining guests around the fire place. I will show you some new and creative ways doing this. We will be demonstrating recipes out of Kosbaar’s braai chapter.


This is my gift to you, those recipes every kitchen needs. Comfort food that reminds you of home. The unfailing banana bread, pancakes, fudge, peppermint crisp tart, rusks and milk tart. The perfect course for every newly wed or kitchen tea gift. We will be cooking out of Kosbaar.

Thanks Giving Table

The end of the year calls for so many celebrations and to give thanks to everyone around you. I will show you recipes that will wow your guests and take the load of you. We will be setting a beautiful table to celebrate the last class of 2022.


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