Macarons with Teresa Ulyate

I love to connect with other foodies, and I thought it is a good idea to do this every month. So, for my very first time doing this for my blog, I invited a very talented foodie, Teresa Ulyate to show me how to make the perfect macaron.  I tried macarons for years now and I am just not satisfied with them.

Click here for the Almond and Chocolate Macarons recipe.

I must just tell you that we had so much fun in the kitchen, I never laughed so much, mostly hysterical……I have got a famous blogger/TV personality in my kitchen.  She asked me a simple thing to do, heat the cream in the microwave, and then the cream exploded with a bang.  It was the first time in my life this happened to me, all I could do was laugh hysterically.  I wish you guys could see that.

Macarons with Teresa Ulyate -

I was reminded once again just have fun what ever you do. I met the most wonderful person through this experience.

A big thank you to Teresa for her recipe and Johann van der Merwe for capturing these stunning pictures of this wonderful day, Credé Natural oils for the Almond flour and Samesyn for our lovely aprons. You can follow Johann on Instagram Live Drink Eat Explore, Teresa Cupcakes and Couscous, Samesyn at Samesyn_sa and Credé at Credé Natural Oils.

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